sábado, julio 24, 2010

FOCA Free 2.5 Published

Hi FOCA Lover,

It´s time for FOCA to grow up and, right now, there is a new version of it available. This time is a release that you will be able to enjoy and discover deeply in the next Black Hat USA 2010 Arsenal Event and next Defcon 18 where FOCA will show up.

- Defcon 18 Schedule

- Black Hat USA 2010 Arsenal Event

Version 2.5 has new features such as:

- Automatic fingerprinting of Web servers and SMTP Servers
- Web technologies Analyzing in web sites
- Automatic search for open directories in web sites
- Automatic search for insecure HTTP methods in web sites
- Improved metadata extraction (more data from more filetypes)
- DNS Cache snooping
- …and we fixed all the bugs you reported to us :)

You can download FOCA from the official FOCA Site and send us, please, all your feedback to amigosdelafoca@informatica64.com

But that´s not all, FOCA has a new logo designed by one of the best drawers from Spain, Niko, one the Armorria’s Creators. He has designed Mr. Pink FOCA for us and you can buy the original “Fear the FOCA” T-Shirt for just 15 €.

Moreover, we’d like to inform you that we are working in a FOCA Pro version with some special features:

- Reporting features [Domains, metadata, servers and clients, etc...]
- Parallelism in almost the whole engine of FOCA
- Some special Tools for automatic exploiting
- No adds

It´s not ready yet (we don´t want release it after we test it the most) but we hope it will be out at the end of August. No more info right now.

Finally, just few quick reminders:

- You can use FOCA Online to extract metadata from a single file. We updated the engine behind the scene to extract more data - and even graphic files -.

- You can try (or buy) MetaShield Protector, our plug-in for IIS to clean metadata and hidden info of published files before they are downloaded.

- You can use OOMetaextractor to clean Open Office Files for free

That´s all FOCA lovers, we will have you posted with latest news.


PS: As good Spaniards, we are going to try to win the World Championship Hack Cup in Las Vegas, so… if you dare, try to defeat us!

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