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El Nigeriano por Daniel González (Parte II de III)

- El Nigeriano por Daniel González (Parte I de III)
- El Nigeriano por Daniel González (Parte II de III)
- El Nigeriano por Daniel González (Parte III de III)

Fecha: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 00:54:57 -0700 (PDT)

Hello Quesada Samaniego

Thanks for your mail and your willingness to assist me in retrieving this my inherited fund from the security company where it was deposited by my late father before He died.

I want you to understand that this is no joke but real because I have all the legal proofs for you to be assured and convinced that I am not a joker,ok.
This money in question as I explained to you earlier on was arranged and packaged in a truck box before it was deposited and registered by my late father as family art works and treasures for security reasons so that nobody could steal this box away from the security strong room where it was secuired. I shall give you the deposit certificate of this box that was issued to my late father and the deed of agreement that my late father entered with this security company after He deposited and registered this consignment with them so that you can contact this company yourself for verification but I will only do so as soon as I receive the following information from you:

(1) Your full names and contact address
(2) Your direct telephone and fax numbers if any so that I can fax all this legal documents to you.

I shall foward this required information to the security company with a written letter of authourisation indicating that I have personally appointed you as my foreign partner who will help me in claiming this truck box from them pending on my arrival to meet you in your country for the continuation of my educational career and investment in your own area of choice since I am still a novics
in the buisness world.

Please,get back to me with all this information as soon as you read this mail to enable me forward all this legal documents making this transaction 100 %
real to you because the political crisis here is so much that is why I am still on hide-out for the fear that those that killed my late father could still be after my life.

Always contact me here.

I am urgently waiting for your quick response.
Zainab Hassan

Correo recibido 2 – Experiencia Nigeriano


Me estoy liando. Antes el dinero era de su difunto marido y en este correo es de su padre. Antes las prisas eran porque estaba a punto de morirse y ahora es por la crisis política de su país. Y quedándole 6 meses de vida, quiere continuar su formación académica. Eso si que es moral.

Esto refuerza mi teoría de que tienen correos estándar para reenviar cuando alguien les contesta y a mi me han respondido con la plantilla de otra modalidad del timo. En cualquier caso, destacar que ya quieren mis datos (dirección postal y fax) para enviarme documentos.

Fecha: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 02:05:37 -0500 (CDT)

Hi again Zainab!

First, sorry for my English, i am not English or from USA.
I am also new in bussiness and I have some questions about this bussines.
Where I have to go? Is it in Europe?
It is enough going there with my data?
About my data:
My full name is Severo Quesada Samaniego and you already know my address:
I have no fax and for using it i should explain the motivation and i prefer keep in secret all that matter, i suppose that is better like that, isn´t it?.
If you could send me any legal proof by email, a .pdf of any document or somethinig like that it will be good.
A late question, could I earn some money with all that?.
Thank you and I hope some answer from you.
Correo enviado 2 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Pregunto, inocentemente, si hay algo de dinero para mi en todo esto.

Fecha: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 17:17:10 -0500 (CDT)

Hi again Zainab!
I send you my data few days ago and i have no response. Is there any problem? Is the bussines still possible? Let me know something, thanks.
Correo enviado 3 – Experiencia Nigeriano



Fecha: Mon, 7 Aug 2006 07:00:10 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Sir.
Thanks for your mail, i have not contacted you because my sickness is getting so bad. I contacted the security company and inform them that you are my partner who will be receiving my inheritance or consignment so they demanded for your contact phone,address so you are required to send to me your full name, address and your contact phone in your next mail ok. I will be waiting to hear from you.
Mrs Zainab Hassan.
Correo recibido 3 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Vaya, es que estaba malita otra vez, ya no es la crisis política en su país. Y vuelve a solicitarme el teléfono. Viendo como escribo en inglés, no sé como puede tener ganas de oírme hablarlo.

Fecha: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 04:32:21 -0500 (CDT)

Dear Mrs Zainab Hassan,
I´m so sorry for your sickness and I hope you get better soon. My full name is Severo Quesada Samaniego, and now I´m in holydays out of my home so my phone and address will be unattended for days. My email is the only way of contacting me during that period for the security company, sorry. Anyway, I hope could able of help you in that matter. Take care, and I hope God help you.
Best regards.
Correo enviado 4 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Me hago el longui y le deseo que Dios (el Dios cristiano) le ayuda. Esto a una musulmana radical debería cabrearle, ¿no?.

Fecha: Thu, 10 Aug 2006 02:23:57 -0700 (PDT)

Salam Brother.
Thanks for your mail and i want to let you know that without your contact details there is no way we can execute this project with you ok so send to me your details so that my lawyer will call to speak with you before we can proceed further.
Mrs Zainab Hassan.
Correo recibido 4 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Pues no la afecta lo más mínimo. Esto parece que llega a una vía muerta, o envío mis datos no hay mucho más que hacer…

Fecha: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 05:22:18 -0500 (CDT)

Hello Zainab Hassan,
How about your sickness?, Is it getting better?, I really want to help you but I´m still on holidays and my mobile doesn´t work here (in a little village). Because of that it will be much easier if your lawyer contact me by email or even, if you give me his/her contact information, I could contact him/her for starting with the operation. Sorry Zainab for that question, but: Will I get any money for all that?. I hope you get better of your sickness.
BEst Regards.
Correo enviado 5 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Les cuento la milonga de la incomunicación en vacaciones y a ver que pasa.

Fecha: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 02:45:27 -0700 (PDT)

Thanks for your mail i received and am very sorry that i have not response to your mail due to my illness and right now,please kindly update me the latest information you have got from my lawyer. Please kindly cooperate with my lawyer to enable him get the necessary documents. Waiting to hear from you. Zainab
Correo recibido 5 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Cree que ya me ha dado el contacto de su abogado para formalizar todo el tema legal. Pobrecilla, está perdiendo la cabeza.

Fecha: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 04:54:29 -0500 (CDT)

Hi Zainab,
How are you?,
I haven´t receive anything from yuor lawyer. He didn´t contact me, and I think that it´s the easiest-fastest way of being able to continue with that matter. So please, tell him that he can contact me in this email account. My mobile is not working yet.
Thanks and I really hope you get better with the God´s help.
Best regards.
Correo enviado 6 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Le pido de nuevo los datos de su abogado para poder continuar con el tema.

Fecha: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 10:56:44 -0700 (PDT)

Salam Brother.
I received your mail and if you are realy ready to help me then contact my lawyer with his informations i gave to you. Bye.
Mrs Zainab Hassan.
Correo recibido 6 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Se está poniendo pesadita ya…

Fecha: Fri, 1 Sep 2006 02:43:37 -0500 (CDT)

Hi Zainab,
I´m ready for helping you, but I have no the contact of your lawyer and without it I can´t do anything. Which is the information that I need. You didn´t give me no data for contacting. As soon as posible, please let me know your lawyer data for contaacting him. Take care. Regards.
Correo enviado 7 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Pues yo también. Dale vueltas a lo mismo.

Fecha: Tue, 5 Sep 2006 15:41:46 -0700 (PDT)

Salam brother.
Thanks for your mail. here below is the contact of my laeyer.
Barrister Jeff Briggs Esq.
Email: info_jeffbriggsassociates@yahoo.com
You are required to contact my lawyer and get back to me.
Mrs Zainab Hassan.
Correo recibido 7 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Por fin. Le ha costado, pero ya tengo el contacto de su abogado. Por cierto, el teléfono es de costa de Marfil, un país que no había salido hasta ahora para nada. Y el correo del abogado es de Yahoo!, muy profesional, si señor.

Fecha: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 00:16:00 -0500 (CDT)
Para: "zaiinab hassan"

CC: info_jeffbriggsassociates@yahoo.com

Hi Barrister Jeff Briggs Esq (& Zainab)
I´m Severo Quesada Samaniego, and I´m in contact with Zaina Hassan. We have been talking about a matter that probably you already know, and now she says me that the next step is contacting you. Mr Briggs, What should I do right now for helping Zainab?. Thanks and I hope listen from you soon.
Best Regards.
Correo enviado 8 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Correo a los dos (al abogado y a la enferma) para presentarme.

Fecha: Wed, 6 Sep 2006 23:41:38 -0700 (PDT)
De: "jeff briggs & associates"

Para: sqs1pufo@yahoo.com

FROM: Barrister Jeff Briggs Esq.
Jeff Briggs& Associates.
Principle Attorney

Attn: Mr Severo Quesada Samaniego.

Greetings from Barrister Jeff Briggs of Jeff Briggs& Associates, before I proceed into this matter, it will be wise enough to give you a brief introduction about myself, I am Barrister Jeff Briggs the Principle Attorney of Jeff Briggs & Associates. .

Mrs Zainab Hassan contacted me to represent you in legal matters so that her Consignment with SOLID TRUST SECURITIES INC in Abidjan cote d ivoire will be deliver to your country in kuwait.

My verification confirmed that Mrs Zainab Hassan has a consignment valued(USD$15.5m) deposited with SOLID TRUST SECURITIES INC by his late husband Late Malam Wahab Ali Hassan which he decleared to contain family valuable.

I am here by assuring you that there is no risk attached on your dealings with Mrs Zainab Hassan based my verification on the consignment with the SOLID TRUST SECURITIES INC which i signed as witness on the deposit agreement.

She told me that her most reason of contacting you is that you will help her to to receive the consignment in your country as her next of kin or partner without any problem ,she also disclosed to me that the purpose of the money is for charity purposes in your country or any country of your choice after the successful conclusion of this project as her guardian.

In my quality as a legal adviser and Counsellor in Financial Jurisdiction ,I assure you the transparent conclusion of this transfer hence you will give me maximum co-operation needed to actualise this project.

I have verified with the SOLID TRUST SECURITIES INC in Abidjan to confirm everything with the company director Dr Coulibaly Keita Who is in charge of the processing and delivery of the consignment to you as the cargo departmental director which he told me that they needed your contact phone,fax and address where they will deliver the consignment to.

I had a meeting with the company today regarding the processing and delivery of the consignment to your country so the director demanded for your full details and where the consignment will be deliver to so to that effect you are required to send to me the details so i can submit it to the company as they requested.
I am attaching to this mail the official deposit document, so you are required to call me to confirm the receipt of the documents.You are free to call me on my direct phone number:+22508076061 for more details.

Barrister Jeff Briggs Esq.
Jeff Briggs& Associates.
Principle Attorney
Correo recibido 8 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Se me presenta el abogado y me dice que el da fe de que todo está en orden. El dinero existe, está guardado y esperando a que yo vaya a por él. Bueno, si esto me lo dice un tío que dice que es abogado y tiene una cuenta en Yahoo!, me siento mucho más seguro. Por otro lado, siguen insistiendo en pedir mi dirección y mi teléfono y no se que dice ahora de que el dinero se recoge en Kuwait. Me estoy liando. Atención al director de la compañía de seguridad y al teléfono del abogado.

Fecha: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 12:56:48 -0500 (CDT)
Para: "jeff briggs & associates"
CC: zainab_hassan44@yahoo.com

Hello my partners,
First of all, How are you Zainab? I hope you are better right now. I have two little questions, As now is a lawyer around here, it´s needed another lawyer from me to do all that legal things?. I don´t know any about laws and I don´t know if I can act by myself or not. The other question, is for knowing if I will get some money for doing all that. The main part will go for charity pourpose of the Church as we agree, but USD$15.5m is many money,... could I take part?... just the 0.5m.
Take care Zainab.
Best regards.
Correo enviado 9 – Experiencia Nigeriano

A ver como reaccionan ante la propuesta de meter un abogado de mi parte. También les indico que gran parte del dinero será para caridad de la Iglesia Católica, y esto debería ser inadmisible para unos integristas. Por último, vuelvo al famoso “¿Qué hay de lo mío?”, que yo quiero parte.

Fecha: Tue, 12 Sep 2006 12:17:05 -0700 (PDT)
De: "jeff briggs & associates"

Dear Sir.
I got your mail and wish to inform you that Mr Zainab Hassan already informed me that you will take 1 million for yourself ok so now we need some money to secure all the relevant documents in your name.
The security company advised that i have to get a sworn affidavit of claims from the court stating that Mrs Zainab Hassan has appointed you legally to receive her money so i need from you USD1500 dollars to enable me secure those legal papers to enable the security company deliver the funds to your country.
I will be waiting for your urgent reply.
Barrister Jeff Briggs Esq.
Correo recibido 9 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Ahí quería yo llegar. Ya empiezan a pedirme dinero, en este caso para conseguir unos papeles que vayan a mi nombre y me declaren el receptor legal del dinero de la pobre Zainab. Además, me han subido mi asignación. Yo pedía medio millón y ellos me dan uno entero, para mi solito; y por solo 1500 dólares que me cuestan unos papeles...

Fecha: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 04:51:06 -0700 (PDT)
De: "zaiinab hassan"

Salam Brother.
Thanks for emailing me today, i have told my lawyer to pass the massage across to you that once you receive the money you should take 1million for yourself ok and use the rest for the charity work.
My lawyer came to the hospital today to inform me that he need about 1500 to secure all the documents in your name and you know my condition here that i am still in the hospital and cannot raise any money now so try to send to my lawyer the money so that he can get all the required documents in your name ok.
I hope to hear from you.
Correo recibido 10 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Por si acaso no me había enterado con el correo del abogado, Zainab se encarga de recordármelo.

Fecha: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 14:50:09 -0500 (CDT)
Para: "jeff briggs & associates"
CC: zainab_hassan44@yahoo.com

Hi ZAinab & Mr Briggs
I have receive an email from both of you. If you need USD1500 from me in advance, I want 2 millions of the total amount for me. How must I give you the USD1500 for the papers?
Thanks and best regards.
Correo enviado 10 – Experiencia Nigeriano

¡Toma órdago!. De todas formas, una de cal y otra de arena. Pido más dinero, pero me muestro a la vez muy dispuesto a dar los 1500 dólares que me piden.

Fecha: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 13:11:02 -0700 (PDT)
De: "jeff briggs & associates"

Dear Sir.
I have received your mail and have discused with Mrs Zainab about your request and he accepted to offer you 2 million.
To that effect you are required to send me the money so that i will get the papers in your name so that the money will be deliver to you so the ball is now in your court ok. Send the money by western union money transfer and get back to me.
Barrister Jeff Briggs Esq.
Correo recibido 11 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Pues si que tengo futuro como negociador. Pido 2 millones y me los dan a la primera. Debe ser innato. Creo que voy a subir al despacho de mi jefe a renegociar mi sueldo. También se le nota un poco mosqueado y que quiere acabar con esto cuanto antes. Como era de esperar, solicita el dinero a través de una empresa que no tiene autenticación segura de a quién entrega el dinero.

Fecha: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 01:33:56 -0700 (PDT)
De: "zaiinab hassan"

Salam Brother.
Thanks for your mail and your acceptance, my lawyer contacted me today that he sent you the information to send him the money so contact my lawyer and send him the money by western union money transfer.
I have told my lawyer that you will take 2 million dollars for yourself ok so my lawtyer is already aware that 2 million is for you.
Send the money to him and get back to me.
Mrs Zainab Hassan.
Correo recibido 12 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Que si, Zainab, que si. Que ya me he enterado. Te perdono porque estas malita que si no...

Fecha: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 08:02:52 -0500 (CDT)
Para: "jeff briggs & associates"

Hi Barrister Jeff Briggs Esq!
The 2 millions are ok. How does work Western Union? I mean, I go to an office of Western Union, and then?...I pay them the USD150 and they transfer them to you? I have to tell them any data of you (name, any ID, any password, any,..)? How can I know that you have finally received the money? Can I do all that by Internet? Thanks, and we keep the contact.
Best Regards.
Correo enviado 11 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Bueno, a lo que vamos. Directamente al tema. Que me explique como funciona eso que se lo quiero mandar ya.

Fecha: Thu, 14 Sep 2006 09:09:51 -0700 (PDT)
De: "jeff briggs & associates"

Dear Sir.
Thanks for your mail which i am responding back to you know. You are required to go to any western union money transfer office in your country and inform them that you want to transfer money to the informatiion below.
Name: Mrs Linda Mousa.
Address: bp 25 abidjan-Cote d ivoire.
Text Question: for who.
Anwser: zainab.
If you do not know about western union contact www.westernunion.com and select your country you will them see their officess in your country then go to their office and send the money ok. Immediately you send the money you will give to me the MTC 10 Digit number to enable my secretry to receive it.
I will be waiting to hear from you.
Barrister Jeff Briggs Esq.
Correo recibido 12 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Pues es muy fácil. Voy, doy los datos del receptor, el dinero y en la oficina de la Western Union me dan un código de 10 dígitos que necesita el abogado para poder retirar mis 1500 dólares.

Fecha: Fri, 15 Sep 2006 13:00:09 -0500 (CDT)
Para: "jeff briggs & associates"

Hello Mr Briggs!
I had an idea. Nowadays I have some free days, some extra money, and I really love to travel, so I have thougth in going there with you for doing all these papers and the rest of the things. In that way I can know a new country, an activity that I really love. What do you think about this idea?, Is it good? Will it help to make faster all the papers?,... I will wait for your answer.

Correo enviado 12 – Experiencia Nigeriano

Pues lo siguiente era enviar el dinero, así que he tenido que buscar otra salida. A ver por donde sale.

- El Nigeriano por Daniel González (Parte I de III)
- El Nigeriano por Daniel González (Parte II de III)
- El Nigeriano por Daniel González (Parte III de III)

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macmarc dijo...

muy bien, muy bien, esto se pone interesante, parece una pelicula de detectives...

Gangrolf dijo...

Cada uno se intenta ganar el dinero como puede. Si hay alguien tan tonto como para dar dinero o realizar operaciones económicas con desconocidos que escriben mails de esa índole, entonces se merecen se multimillonarios.

Sirw2p dijo...

Algunos métodos son realmente buenos y efectivos :D

FilEMASTER dijo...

porque no sabemos nada de nuestro [vozdebuenafuente] abogadoooooo [/vozdebuenafuente] yo quiero que entre en juego que puede ser la caña, espero con ansia el siguiente capitulo,


Llegarán a conoserse nuestros amigos

Que ocurrira con el viaje

Sera demasiado peligroso...

No se lo pierdan mañana, a la misma blog-hora, en el mismo blog canal...


un saludo :P

Anónimo dijo...

Yo hice algo parecido, y me mandaron una foto del maletin con el dinero y todo !!!

Ida Yani dijo...

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Thank you

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